But Enough About You...


Let's talk about me. It's been a big year, I have some things to share. (we'll get back to you and all your wonderfulness tomorrow, I promise)

At the end of May Anna and I started driving west from the coast of Maine (that's pretty far east for those of you keeping track at home) in a big U-Haul truck, towing a car. Strategically placed in the car we were towing were our three cats. They may have been yowling some, I really couldn't say. (before I get a PETA cross burned on my lawn, I should say that we had sun shades up, and windows down, and a remote temperature sensor so we could tell from the truck how hot it was back there) It's safe to say it wasn't the best week of their lives, but then again, it was no bed of roses on our end either. We also had our 85lb. dog up in the cab of the truck with us. Needless to say it was just the kind of blissful second honeymoon kind of trip that we hoped it would be. (did I mention the 70 MPH winds and tornado warnings all across Oklahoma and Texas? Did I mention that the rig I was driving was not exactly aerodynamic?)

Anyhoo, six days later we arrived in Bayfield Colorado. We unpacked, we waited for my saint of a mother-in-law to deliver our girls. (which she did, along with her high school chum and a three part skit they wrote on the way and performed for us on arrival. Amazing)

We have been slowly settling in. The boxes are more or less gone now. We know where to find groceries.  Anna gets up at 5:30 every morning and drives for an hour and a quarter, does her part to save her little corner of the world, then she drives back, arriving exactly 12 hours later. We had two months together while waiting for our licensure to come through. Lazy mornings, walks with the dog, planting the garden, we even went to the movies a few times. I guess that was really the honeymoon, and we needed it, and it was good. But I miss her now.

I have a new massage studio set up, I even have a gig working at a local day spa a couple of days a week. I have a couple of clients that I love working with, and they are helping to spread the word that coming to see me might be a great idea. Each week there are new faces at my door and on my table.

We miss Maine. We miss our friends. We miss knowing half of the faces at the grocery store. (OK, I'll admit there are times when I really like not seeing anyone I know) But we're ready for some new friends, and some visits from our old ones.

We love it here. The mountains are amazing, the sky is huge, the people are friendly. We're learning about life at 7,000 ft. We're learning about drought.  We're learning that when we see the word "Florida" referring to a river or a street that it's pronounced with a hard E, Floreeda, the Spanish pronunciation. We're learning to revel in the rain when it comes, which is rare. Sometimes when it does the air smells like sage, which smells like home now. Ouray