What Does Your Church Look Like?

It's Sunday, and it got me thinking about church. When I was a kid we went to church most Sundays, it was not optional. When my brother and I reached an age where we could more effectively advocate for ourselves, my mother finally gave up the fight and then she stopped going too. Something was obviously missing for us. I've spent a great deal of time in my adult life working through what spirituality means to me. I don't necessarily think that this is the place to go into that, but I wanted to suggest that no matter what labels we place on it, we all experience moments of transcendence. I think we love to over think these things. We analyze and speculate and pick apart until the magic is lost in the search for...What? When we let go of the need to label and pin down an experience, we open ourselves to be more fully moved. When we release the inner voice that is already trying to figure out how to relate the tale, we can be more fully in the moment. This is where the magic lives. It's the synergy between the experience itself and how we are perceiving it. How we are moving within it. Whether it's a piece of music, the touch of another human or animal, the sight of something in nature that spellbinds us, or the scent of something long forgotten.

This is our Grace, and it can be fleeting, but it is available in the most mundane things when we choose to be fully present with it.

This is what my church looks like, what about yours?