Pit Bulls, Rough Pasts and Storage Wars

A lot of folks have issues with pit bulls because they feel that through years of being trained to fight, they have a genetic predisposition in that direction. I tend to lean more in the direction of what the owner is like, rather than focusing on the breed of dog, but I understand the idea behind the concern. This gets sticky when you apply it to humans though. So sticky in fact that I have written and erased the same sentence three times now, so I'll move on in a different direction. Let's just say a kind hand and a gentle heart can be a much needed balm to human and beast alike. I've had many folks on my table who are working through past trauma. It gets stored up until there's no where for it to go, then it starts to leak. This is usually when the trouble starts. Sometimes when we release some of this stored trauma it can feel great, (other times it can feel...not so great, but it's still essential) and once the pressure valve has been opened, and the initial burst gets moved, the rest can escape at a pace that feels more manageable.

You know those TV shows where people bid on abandoned storage units, gambling they will find treasure, or at least make a meager profit? Sometimes our bodies are like this. We keep packing things in that we don't want to deal with, and then sometimes we abandon it. But the "stuff" doesn't go away. Sooner or later we need to open the locker. The first step is admitting to ourselves that this place exists, and that we still have the key, deep down in our pocket with the 23 cents, the ball of lint and the guitar pick.



* The photo of the sweet fur pig is Bruno, he's the dear dog of good friends and the sweetest boy ever, this is a smile, not a snarl.