Self Care - The Banana and the Two Minute Stretch

What does "self-care" mean? Well, if you figured out how to turn on your computer and read what's on the screen, you probably can reason this one out on your own. So a better question might be "Why is it so hard to do the things that we know make us feel better?"

It's really not the individual things on the list that are difficult. It's changing our routines that is the struggle.

In general we are creatures of habit, and inside our little rituals that we do every day, there is safety. We know what this or that will feel like, taste like, sound like, etc. They are the small things that we can control in a world where many of us feel out of control.

But how often do we really pay attention to how something feels in our bodies? That piece of chocolate at 3pm gives you a little boost, both emotionally and physically. You feel like it helps to move you through that part of your day. Maybe it really is the best thing you can have. But maybe replacing it with a banana for a week and really paying attention to how that feels might be worth trying out.

Many people, especially those who sit in front of a computer most of the day, are in constant pain. They have accepted this as a part of deal. Imagine though if you were not in pain. How would that impact all the other parts of your life? Would you be calmer, more pleasant to your spouse and kids? Would you be more active? Would you be more productive?


What if you got out of your chair for Two minutes every hour and just did some simple movements. Bend down and let your head and arms hang, stand back up and stretch back, looking up at the ceiling. Do some gentle spinal twists, roll your head around on your neck.

Two minutes. (that's a small fraction of the time you spend checking your Facebook page per hour)

For one week, two minutes of stretching and a banana instead of a sweet. Then just notice. It's free, it's simple, and you have nothing to lose but your discomfort.

Let me know how it goes.